Advanced Opportunities

Advanced Opportunities
Fast Forward Program
The Fast Forward program provides every 7th-12th grade student attending an Idaho public school an allocation of $4,125.00 to use towards:

Overload Courses
An overload course is a high school level course that is taken in excess of the student's regular school day and is above and beyond the full course load offered by the student's local school. These courses can be taken online, during summer, and after school. The Fast Forward program can pay up to $225.00 per overload course if costs are involved.

Dual Credits
Dual credit courses are transcribed on both high school and college transcripts. The Fast Forward program can pay for up to $75.00 per credit. Funds will pay for the cost of the course fee only. Any other expenses must be paid out of pocket (i.e. lab fees, books, part-time student fees, etc.).

Students can utilize Fast Forward funds to pay for a variety of college-credit bearing or professional technical exams. These include Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or Career & Technical Education (CTE) exams.

How to Access Fast Forward Funding:

Step 1: Sign the Fast Forward Participation Form
Every student will need to have a completed form on file. The form must be signed by the student and parent/guardian and turned in to student's school counselor.

Step 2: Create an Advanced Opportunities Portal Account
You must use your FULL legal name as it appears in Infinite Campus when entering information.

Step 3: Verify your Account
Verify your account using the confirmation email that was sent to the registered email. (Sometimes these go to Spam or Junk - If the email is not received instantly, there is a problem)

Step 4: Request funding through the Advanced Opportunities Student Portal
Login to your account to request funding for EACH class and/or exam.

Step 5: Register for the Courses and/or Exams
Students must register with the college/university issuing the college credits - be sure to check their registration dates and deadlines as those may be different than the portal deadlines for funding.

For more information on any of the Advanced Opportunities programs, please refer to the links provided, contact your school's Advanced Opportunities counselor or visit the State Department of Education website.

Fast Forward Program Guide and Information

Deadlines for 2017-2018 Portal Submission

Dates to apply for Fast Forward funding are:


  • September 15th to create an account
  • September 29th to request funding


  • February 9th to create an account
  • February 23rd to request funding


Contact your school counselor to discuss your options.