Reading Specialists

Our reading specialists work with students in a small group environment with the end goal to improve reading skills. Children are identified for the small group intervention through the administration of the Idaho Reading Indicator, (IRI) in addition to other standardized tests. 

Specific curriculums are used to offer intensive instruction to accelerate the learning of basic reading skills. Lessons focus on phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary acquisition, comprehension, and fluency. 

In order to ensure the program is successful for your child, reading specialists conduct frequent assessments to track progress. The assessments measure how many words a child can read in one minute, this is known as fluency.  If a child is making gains in their reading skills the number of words per minute should increase over time. The scores will be shared with the general education teacher along with parents. 

Groups being served are fluid, meaning, they can change as children meet their goals in reading or need to tackle another skill-set. 

If you should have questions about the job of a reading specialist please contact:
Becca Anderson
English Language Arts Curriculum Supervisor
(208) 854-4000