Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Ready to fill out the FAFSA?  Follow these steps:

1)      Go to www.fsaid.ed.gov

Set up your username and password.

One of your parents will need a username and password too!

2)      Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov

Complete the FAFSA with your parents help, using prior year tax information

3)   Sign the FAFSA with your FSAID

4)  Look for an email that says your FAFSA has been submitted successfully

5)  A few days later, look for an email that says your FAFSA has been successfully processed.

Watch for Financial Aid Nights at all of the Boise School District high schools in the month of October and November.  

Contact your Career Counselor if you need help in completing the FAFSA.

Want more information?

www.studentaid.ed.gov is your go to website for financial aid information.