Students with behavioral and emotional difficulties in grades K - 12 receive special education services on a school campus.  Students have access to general education classes if their behavior allows them to participate successfully.  If the student remains in the Excel classroom they are provided appropriate general education curriculum.
Excel programs have a smaller student to staff ratio.  Student behaviors are monitored and replacement behaviors are taught.  These programs also consult with District social workers and work closely with private providers to help student be successful in school.


Students with significant emotional and behavioral challenges grades 7-12 receive special education services off-campus. The qualification process for admittance typically begins at the student’s home school and involves the documentation and implementation of research-based interventions designed to affect positive change in the student’s performance. Due to the off-campus nature of ASCENT, enrollments are considered carefully as access to the general education population is minimized.
ASCENT utilizes the district’s general education curriculum, making accommodations and/or modifications for individual students, as needed. The highly structured environment that is unique to ASCENT allows for intensive academic and behavioral support, with continuous consideration for general education mainstreaming opportunities.