Blind and Visually Impaired (VI)

The Boise School District Program for the Visually Impaired provides both direct and indirect services from a certified teacher of the visually impaired who functions as an itinerant (traveling teacher) to service students across the district in grades Pre-K Early Childhood Program through 12. 
Students in the Boise School District may be referred by a teacher or parent to their school nurse for a vision screening.  Services are determined based upon the receipt of an Eye Report from an eye doctor (Ophthalmologist)  to determine visual acuity, field of vision and any disease or abnormality as well as possible correction. The Eye Report informs the decision to establish eligibility for special education services. 
Once student eligibility for services has been determined by the evaluation team, an appropriate level and type of service is determined. The level and types of service can range from  consultative indirect services (504) to an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) direct services and may include the provision of one or more of the following based upon individual student need;
1. Adapted Books and Materials - Braille and Large Print, Dark Lined Paper and Markers
2. Assistive Technology - Magnification Devices, Computer, Internet and Program Access 
3. Identification Provision of both Classroom and Assessment Accommodations  
4. Orientation and Mobility and Skills of Daily Living Instruction
5. Consultative Services to both special and general education team members for the student
Students with visual impairments including blind, legally blind and partially sighted attend their neighborhood schools to grow socially and academically with their peers. Program provides materials, direct teaching and consultative services to the student and their teachers.