Transition (18-21)

The Boise School District offers a continuum of services for students who are 18-21 years old, have completed their high school program and will be graduating on an IEP. Transition services may look different depending on the needs of the student, but all transition programs will emphasize the following: self-advocacy, self-help skills, community involvement, pre-vocational and vocational skills.     
Within the district, we have multiple transition program sites.  Depending on the needs of the student and the recommendation of the team, an appropriate placement will be made to ensure continued FAPE (free appropriate public education).   


Our Student Transition Education Program (S.T.E.P.) is located across the Boise School District in 4 locations with 5 instructors. S.T.E.P. instructors are extremely qualified with special education certifications. 

Our Vision Statement

S.T.E.P. is a safe place where students and staff treat others with respect, given quality care and feel valued as individuals. Students develop friendships and work hand in hand with the community to gain knowledge and experience. The overall goals are to develop vocational, self-determination, self advocacy and life skills to reach maximum independence.

Students can be referred to the transition program by parents, student, and home school special education team. If you are interested in learning more about our program please contact your student's special education teacher. Students at the S.T.E.P. program are on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and have been identified as having a need for transition education services. 

Students are 18-21 years of age and work on the following transition areas: vocational/employment, self management/home living, personal/social, leisure/recreation, and general community functioning.    

S.T.E.P.  Instructors
Donna Raine, BA, MA
Russ Byrne, BA, MA
Karen Gillette, M.Ed
Jennifer Comstock, BA 
Diane Records, BA

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