Homebound and Home Based Services

The purpose of Homebound and Home Based Instructional Services is to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home for students who, because of a medical condition, are unable to attend school.

Homebound Services
The Homebound program is for students who are unable to attend school due to temporary illness, accident, or an unusual disabling condition. A normal pregnancy and/or psychological evaluation do not fall under this definition unless they have resulted in a physiological trauma.

A student must be absent from school ten consecutive days due to the medical condition or a physician statement must certify in advance that the absence will exceed this period of time.

Homebound instruction is not intended to take the place of the educational program obtained through regular school attendance, and is by design temporary. The intent is to maintain current skill levels until the student can return to school. Instruction is provided for student to progress in
courses. While every effort is made to encourage academic progress, course credit is not guaranteed for students receiving homebound instruction.

Contact the nurse or counselor at the student’s school for more information.

Home-based Services
Home Based instruction means services that are delivered in the home setting (or other agreed upon setting) in accordance with the child’s individualized education program (IEP) based on medical documentation. Contact the student’s special education case manager for more