Health Services

  • Tamara Fredrickson
Nurse Practitioner, Supervisor
  • Katie Corral
Administrative Assistant

Program Description

The goal of the School Health Services is the promotion of optimal health, the prevention of disease and support of comprehensive health education of the child. The Boise School Health Services currently has a fulltime Registered Nurse at every secondary school in the District. A team consisting of a Registered Nurse and a Health Technician work together to meet the needs of 2 - 3 schools at the elementary level.

  • Health Promotion

    Registered Nurses assist students in acquiring health knowledge and developing attitudes conducive to healthful living. The Registered Nurses complete vision, dental, scoliosis, height and weight screenings. They implement the state communicable disease programs as needed. The Health Technicians under the direction of the Registered Nurses maintain necessary student health records, disseminate health information and assist with health screening of students.

  • Chronic Disease Management

    Registered Nurses assist students in meeting needs resulting from disease, accidents, congenital defects or psychosocial maladjustments. The Health Technicians assist the Registered Nurses in providing routine and emergency medical care.

  • Health Curriculum

    Registered Nurses assist the classroom teacher with the Health curriculum in the areas of Dental Hygiene, Health and Illness, Blood Borne Diseases and Growth and Development.

  • Consultation

    Registered Nurses are members of their Multidisciplinary Teams and assist with student evaluations, crisis intervention, home visits and community referrals. They provide health consultation to parents, teachers and other members of the multidisciplinary team.

    Dr.Ninon Germain and Tamara Fredrickson, NP make up the behavioral health team. They are available to consult with Multidisciplinary Teams regarding student evaluation, possible treatment, and referral for student behavioral and mental health issues. Ms. Fredrickson also provides medical evaluation and treatment to those students who do not have other medical resources.