1000 Board of Trustees

Board Authority, Ethics, Roles & Responsibilities

1000       Goals

1010C    Legal Status

1011       Corporate Powers of the District

1112       Authority of the Board

1115       Individual Board Member Authority

1125       Board Commitment

1126       Board Code of Ethics

1360       Evaluation of the Superintendent by the Board

Elections and Office of Trustee

1120C    Elections

1121       Nomination of Trustees

1122C    Trustees - Terms of Office and Election of Trustees

1122E     Boise School Board Members' Expiration Dates Exhibit

1123C    Qualifications of Trustees - Oath - Prohibition Against Interest in Contracts

1124       Oath of Office

1130C    Office of Trustee Declared Vacant

1131C    Filling Vacancies on the Board of Trustees

1131P    Rules for Filling Vacancies

1631       Board Member Conflict of Interest


1210C    Officer of Board - Official Bond

1220       Duties of President and Vice President

1230       Duties of the Clerk of the Board

1240C    Duties of the Treasurer

1250       Removing an Officer

1260       School Attorney

1270       Consultants

1281       Board/Superintendent Committees

Methods of Governance

1310       Strategic Planning

1320       Policy Development

1321       Policy Adoption

1322       Administrative Procedures

1323       Changes to Board Approved Administrative Procedures

1324       Policy Dissemination

1325       Administration in Policy Absence

1326       Suspension of Policies

1327       Policy Review and Evaluation

1327P    Policy Review and Evaluation Procedure

1330       Records Retention

1340       Board Budget Planning and Adoption

7432       Audit of District Financial Statements

1350       Comprehensive Assessment and Accountability System

Meeting Procedures

1400C    Meetings of Board

1410C    Quorum

1420       Order of Business

1421       Meeting Time Limit

1430       Rules of Order and Motions

1440       Open Meeting Laws

1441       Audience Participation at Regular Board Meetings

1450       Written Minutes

1460       Special Hearings on Controversial Issues

1470       Board Agenda Items

1480       Advance Information

1480P    Advance Information Procedure

Principles of Operation

1510       Board-Superintendent Relations

1520       Board Member Expenses

1520P    Board Member Expenses Procedure

1530       Board Member Insurance

Board Development

1610       New Board Member Orientation

1620       Board Professional Development

1630       Board Self-Evaluation

1640       School Board Memberships

District Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs

1710      District Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs