Information Systems & Services

BSD IT department works collaboratively with all District departments and schools to define goals, develop plans and implement new technology. The BSD IT department is structured to efficiently maintain services, systems and information.

https://support.boiseschools.orgCustomer Service -First contact for support, dispatch and liaison for end-users/patrons and IT staff.
Troubleshoot / Dispatch -Prioritize, resolve or dispatch IT related incidents to minimize escalations and track incident issues. 
Knowledge -Adaptive and responsive support for all assocciated IT functions as changes or updates occur within, with devices, systems, services, as District related.

Client Support ServicesClient Support Services -Perpetual support and maintenance, not limited to; configuration, evaluation, functionality, installation, repair, and troubleshooting.
Hardware and Software -Analyze, maintain, support, research, resources including mobile devices and labs. 
Peripheral Services -Configure, maintain and support printers, projectors, scanners, streaming options, Apple and other input or output devices relating to computing.

Operational Application InterfaceAccount Services -Integrate and deploy/maintain applications for district business resources. 
Interface Services 
-Interface multiple Application Service Providers with established District accounts and systems.
​Enterprise Applications -Analyze, support and maintain cloud, hosted, and in-house systems.

Network Architecture, Security and VoIP Systems Services -Administer access to network resources, server maintenance.
Network Services -Ensure persistent network, wireless and VoIP connectivity throughout district campuses.
Security Services -Constant network intrusion prevention, authentication, and operation.

Learning Data Warehouse -Maintain centralize data for education processes, communication and,daily operations.
Reporting -Real-time data extractions for analysis, reporting, filtering, and accurate state reporting.Curriculum / Instructional Management -Support academic and course management, grading, scheduling, and staff training.

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