Hillside Junior High - Update

Built in 1960 and intended for temporary use, Hillside Junior High is out-of-date and overcrowded. Particularly the gymnasium, the cafeteria and performing art spaces.  


Ranking last among junior high schools on all three major 2016 Facilities Audit categories (Utilization, Educational Adequacy and the Facilities Condition Index), the addition of a new gym, as well as the expansion of the cafeteria and performing arts classrooms, will bring Hillside up to safe, modern standards.

June 5, 2019 Update: Russell Corporation reports completion of Gymnasium is scheduled for June 2019. The maple flooring has been installed and bleachers are in place. Sports court striping is scheduled for June 3 with final seal coats to follow. Installation of the automatic sprinkler system, fencing and concrete for the football field is underway.

Hillside Junior High - 2018