Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Eligible employees and their immediate family members can participate in up to 10 sessions at no cost. Refer to the contents below for more information.

  1. EAP Overview
  2. Who is eligible for benefits?
  3. When do benefits begin?
  4. Contact Information
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EAP Overview

The EAP is a benefit designed to provide up to 10 confidential professional counseling sessions to employees and their immediate family members. We encourage employees and their family members to make an appointment when they experience problems that interfere with job performance, health, or quality of life. All counseling is provided by St. Alphonsus and is held in strict confidence.

Visit a Counselor

Employees and their eligible family members can visit a counselor regarding:

  • Marital concerns
  • Stress-related difficulties
  • Emotional and psychological problems
  • Family conflicts
  • Career concerns
  • Alcohol and drug-related problems

Who is eligible for benefits?

Administrative & Certified Employees

Administrative and certified employees who work 0.5 FTE or greater are eligible for the EAP.

Classified Employees

Regular, classified employees - as outlined in the Classified Employee Handbook, 2.3.2 Status Classifications - who work 20+ hours per week and who were hired prior to February 1st of the current school year (the February 1st rule only applies to positions working less than 12-months per year) are eligible for the EAP.

When do benefits begin?

Eligible employees and their eligible family members are automatically entitled to the EAP benefit, which begins the first of the month following 30-days of employment.

Contact Information

  • Human Resources, Benefits Team: [email protected]
  • EAP
    • Ph: 208-367-3300
    • Addr: St. Alphonsus, 6140 Emerald, Boise, ID 83704

EAP Newsletters