Long Term Disability

The Boise School District offers long term disability insurance coverage through Cigna. Refer to the contents below for more information.

  1. 2019-20 Long Term Disability Plan Overview
  2. Benefit plan documents
  3. Who is eligible for benefits?
  4. When do benefits begin?
  5. How do benefits renew?
  6. How to enroll
  7. Contact Information

2019-20 Long Term Disability Plan Overview

View the 2019-20 Long Term Disability Plan Overview presentation in Google Slides.

Benefit plan documents

Rate Sheet

Administrative & Certified Employees

Classified Employees

Who is eligible for benefits?

Administrative & Certified Employees

Administrative and certified employees who work 0.5 FTE or greater are eligible for District benefits.

Classified Employees

Regular, classified employees - as outlined in the Classified Employee Handbook, 2.3.2 Status Classifications - who work 20+ hours per week and who were hired prior to February 1st of the current school year (the February 1st rule only applies to positions working less than 12-months per year) are eligible for District benefits.

When do benefits begin?

This benefit begins:

  • If elected, the first of the month following 30 days of employment.
  • If elected 31 days after the employee becomes eligible, or 31 days after a Life Status Change, the plan is effective on the latest of the following dates:
    • The Policy Effective Date.
    • The date the employee authorized payroll deduction.
    • The date the completed enrollment form is received by the Employer or Cigna.

If the enrollment form is received more than 31 days after the employee becomes eligible, the employee must satisfy the Insurability Requirement before the insurance is effective. If approved, the insurance is effective on the date Cigna agrees in writing to insure the employee

If the employee is not in an “active” status on the date the insurance would otherwise be effective, it will be effective on the date the employee returns to any occupation for the District on a full-time basis.

How do benefits renew?

The District’s plan year runs from September 1st - August 31st. Once you have enrolled in the plan, the plan will automatically renew each plan year unless you make any changes during the plan year.

How to Enroll

The District uses an online benefits platform, InfinityHR, to manage enrollment of benefits. To enroll or drop members, navigate to InfinityHR.

First Time User

Existing User

  • Existing users, navigate to InfinityHR and enter the User ID and Password.
    • The User ID is the Employee ID followed by the last five (5) of the social security number (SSN).

Reset ID and Password

Contact Information