FAQ Regarding Coronavirus Response

Are You Considering Closing Schools?

  • Students receive the best educational experience when in school. As long as our schools remain safe for students, staff and our community, we will remain open. 
  • At this time, neither Central District Health nor the State of Idaho has advised closure of schools in our District. 
  • We are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 closely and working directly with Central District Health, as well as several county, city, and state agencies to ensure we are providing a safe and healthy educational environment for our students and staff. 
  • In determining whether to close schools, we will consult with local and state public health officials and consider guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC provides Considerations for School Closures based on the available science, reports from other countries and consultations with school health experts. 

Why Not Close Schools?

  • School closures, no matter how brief, place additional emotional and financial stress on some of our most vulnerable students and families, including those dealing with issues related to poverty such as hunger and homelessness.
  • This situation is changing rapidly, and we do have plans in place for both short-term and extended school closures. Any school closure directly impacts student learning.
  • Our schools serve as critical neighborhood centers. In states like Oregon and Washington, where schools have been closed, parents and patrons have requested they reopen to provide meals and childcare.

What Will Happen if Schools Are Closed?

  • If we are required to close some or all of our schools on a temporary basis, we will provide specific information about the ability to continue education for our students.
  • If we are required to close some or all of our schools for an extended period of time, the school year may be extended.

What About Online Options?

  • We have thoroughly examined a number of online learning options and found them inadequate for either the level of high-quality education expected in our District or equity guaranteed under our state constitution. 
  • We have a large number of students who do not have access to a safe, reliable place to learn in an online environment.

What About School Lunch/Breakfast for My Child?

  • In the case of a long term school closure, we will communicate our plan for the distribution of meals for students in need.

How Quickly Will I Be Notified if our Student’s School is Closing?

  • We will strive to provide as much notice as possible while maintaining student and staff safety. Unless otherwise directed by state officials, our goal is a minimum of 24 hours notice for closures of less than a week and 48 hours notice for closures longer than a week.
  • To prepare for a possible school closure, explore arrangements for emergency daycare in advance.

What About Activities at My Child’s School Like Music, Arts and Activities?

  • If we are required to close some or all of our schools on a temporary basis all athletics and activities will be canceled.
  • We have canceled all events until further notice that are held indoors and bring together more than 250 individuals where social distancing of 6 feet or more is unlikely or not possible.

What About High School Graduation?

  • Given that graduations are not until the end of May, we are closely monitoring the situation, as well as in regular contact with Boise State University about their procedures regarding ExtraMile Arena and The Morrison Center.

What About Athletics?

  • Given that most spring sports are held outdoors, we will continue to monitor the situation and guidance provided by state agencies.

What if I Choose to Keep My Student Home?

  • We respect the right of parents/guardians to make choices they believe are best for their child. 

If Schools Close, What Impact Will It Have on My Student’s Attendance Record and Grades?

  • If we are required to close some or all of our schools, students in the impacted schools will not be charged an absence during that time, similar to a snow day.
  • If a student contracts COVID-19, chooses to stay home, or is directed to self-quarantine to avoid contracting COVID-19, the student will be marked as absent per state law, but the absence will NOT be counted against them.

What Are You Doing to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

  • We have increased the frequency of our regular daily school/site cleanings, and we are using EPA-approved disinfectants to keep our schools/sites clean and following cleaning guidelines.  
  • We have implemented several internal measures including cancelation of all District-sponsored out-of-state travel. We are also working closely with state athletics and activities officials to prepare for the cancellation of large events such as tournaments, competitions, performances, etc.
  • We always promote proper hygiene in our schools. Given the current situation, we are increasing our efforts in encouraging our students, staff and community to stay healthy by regular hand washing, avoiding touching face, staying home when sick, etc. 
  • Nurses routinely monitor student illnesses and trends based on common symptoms that students are presenting at school with, parent reports and information from health care providers.  


Where Can I Go for Non-School Related Information?