Partnership for Homeless Prevention

Partnership for Homeless Prevention Assists Families in Need
Posted on 09/22/2020
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Partnership for Homeless Prevention Assists Families in Need

Boise City Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing Program Funds

By Tama Vanegas

Counseling & Social Work Supervisor

Boise School District

The Boise City “Home for Everyone” transition report noted that more than 29 percent of Boise households are “housing burdened,” meaning these families are spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing costs and are one unplanned medical or transportation issue (for example) away from losing their home due to significant budget constraints.¹  

When a family loses their home and experiences homelessness, it is extremely challenging to access additional housing opportunities. Families are stressed in new ways and children in particular pay a high price, often experiencing disruptions in their education along with emotional challenges.  Children experiencing homelessness have higher levels of emotional and behavioral problems, have increased risk of serious health problems, and experience more school mobility, repeat a grade, are expelled or drop out of school, and have lower academic performance.²

Fortunately, the Boise School District has access to partnership funds and resources that support community wide efforts focused on homeless prevention.  A Boise City HPRP (Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing) grant is one of those opportunities.  HPRP funds “support livability in the City of Boise by preventing homelessness for families.”  Grant funds provide short-term assistance for families who would become homeless if they did not receive HPRP funds.³  

Each year, Boise School District Social Workers are able to help many families within the District with rental and utilities arrears payments, allowing them to remain in their homes and work toward long-term housing stability.  In the past three years alone, Boise City HPRP funding has helped over 120 Boise District families remain in their homes.  Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Boise City, Boise School District Social Workers hope to provide even more support in the future.  Thank you Boise City!

If you are in need of support (or know of a neighbor or other community member in need of support) and have students attending a Boise School District school, live in Boise City limits,  and do not reside within City of Boise’s Property Management facilities, please contact your school’s Social Worker to see if you qualify.  If you are unsure of who to contact, simply call your school’s main office for assistance.  Your school Social Worker can also explore other options with you if these funds are not appropriate for your given situation.  Please don’t hesitate to call your school’s Social Worker for assistance.



³Boise City Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Grant Program Policy and Procedures