Open Enrollment Information

Open Enrollment

We recognize the desire of some parents/guardians to enroll their children in a school other than their neighborhood school, from either within or outside of the Boise School District. If you are interested in applying for admission to a school in our District, please review the information on this page.

Application Process

The Open Enrollment Contract is below. All contracts may be filled in online and emailed to the receiving school secretary and/or principal, or printed and delivered to the receiving school secretary and/or principal.
If the applicant student is a non-resident, a behavior/discipline record and an attendance record from the student's current/previous school must be attached to the application when it is submitted. The application will not be complete without these documents and the application will not be processed without the required records.

Where to return the form? Non-Boise School District Residents & Boise School District Residents: Please email or hand deliver the form and records (if applicable) to the secretary and/or principal of the school for which you are requesting open enrollment.
Open enrollment applications will be accepted at any time throughout the year. However, those applications submitted by the dates indicated below may receive first consideration for open enrollment in the indicated grade.


 Application for entering grade level  Deadline for first consideration
Elementary  February 1st of preceding school year 
 Seventh Grade May 15th of the student's 5th grade year 
 Eighth and Ninth Grade February 1st of the preceding school year
Tenth Grade May 15th of the eighth grade year   
 Eleventh and Twelfth Grade  February 1st of the preceding school year 

Applicants meeting the above deadlines, will receive notification of their open enrollment status, within 60 days of the listed deadline date. A complete application must be submitted before the 60 day notification rule applies. Questions? Please contact the Boise school you would like your student to attend.