Worker’s Compensation

NOTICE: As of 4/8/2022, this webpage is no longer maintained and may not have the most current information. Please visit our new Human Resources web page.

All employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance, which may compensate employees for lost time, medical expenses, and loss of life or dismemberment from an injury arising out of or in the course of work. An injured employee should proceed to one of the designated Occupational Health Clinics for treatment and must report any accident or injury immediately to his or her supervisor so that the necessary documentation may be completed.

Worker’s Compensation Forms

  • First Report of Injury or Illness Form
    • To be completed by the school nurse, supervisor, or administrator if medical care is required by a designated medical provider.
  • Supervisor's Accident Report Form 
    • To be completed by the school nurse, supervisor or administrator if no medical care is required beyond care by the employer.
  • How to Document Workplace Injuries
    •  This is a training video for school nurses, supervisors, and administrators on completing the above documents.

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