New Certified Employees

NOTICE: As of 4/8/2022, this webpage is no longer maintained and may not have the most current information. Please visit our new Human Resources web page.

We welcome you as a part of the certified staff of the Boise School District. Our goal is to ensure seamless, stress-free onboarding into employment as a certified staff member. To assist with this goal, we have provided the requirements for new certified staff members below. Please review each of the sections below, complete the necessary steps, and once finished, contact the Human Resources Department to schedule an appointment to turn in your required paperwork and complete the remainder of the hiring process. If you have questions, please contact us by phone at 208-854-4074 (option 2) or via email at [email protected].

 Use the Checklist for New Certified Employees to ensure you meet all the necessary new employee requirements.
 Official Documents
 IMPORTANT: The following documents must be hand-delivered or mailed to the Human Resources Department.
  • Current Idaho Credential (no photocopies)
  • Official College Transcripts (no photocopies)
    • We need the original transcript(s) from your college or university for any undergraduate or graduate work completed.
      Note: if you have opened the envelope we will still accept as official transcript(s)
 Prior Employment Forms
  • Verification of Service
    • This fillable/printable form is only for new employees who have certified experience in another school district
    • Please complete this form and distribute to all prior schools districts

  • Verification of Service - Nurse/SLP
    • This fillable/printable form is only for new employees who have Nurse or Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) experience at a prior employer
    • Please complete this form and distribute to all prior employers
  • Sick Leave Transfer Request Form
    • This form is to transfer sick leave from your previous Idaho School District only
    • Please complete this form and distribute to  prior school district only
 Additional Documents & Forms
  • Optional: Please also bring in your COVID-19 vaccination record if you have received your vaccine. Please note, vaccination records will only be used to implement the District's pandemic operation plans. They will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any external entity or anyone within the district without operational need.
 Schedule Appointment with the Certified Office

Once you have completed all requirements outlined above,

  • Please call Human Resources at 208-854-4074 (option 2) to schedule your appointment to turn in all required materials
  • Review the Professional Development information in the next section
Please note the following when you come to your appointment:
  • You will be photographed for your District ID badge
  • You may be fingerprinted for the FBI Criminal Background Check (if applicable)
 Professional Development & New Teacher Introduction
The Boise School District and the Boise Education Association are continuously striving to provide the highest possible quality of education. We recognize that for students to succeed in learning, teachers must succeed in teaching. The Peer Assistance Program provides collegial and instructional support to new and veteran teachers.

The Program includes a Joint Steering Panel comprised of BEA and District administrative members, and two full-time Peer Assistants. Peer Assistants work directly with teachers to create a plan for success, which may include goals based on principal evaluations and teacher aims. Peer Assistants maintain confidentiality while working collaboratively with building administrators and teachers.

Peer Assistant Leaders are experienced certificated employees who have mastered their craft, are dedicated to promoting excellence in the teaching profession, and have interest in working closely with colleagues to improve the quality of their instruction.

The Peer Assistance Program is comprised of four components: Peer Assistance, Mentoring of New Teachers, Administrative Support, and Professional Development. The program is a component of the Professional Development Office, and is facilitated by the Peer Assistants.
 What's Next?
Once you have completed all requirements and met with Human Resources, please be aware of the following:
  • Benefited employees (.5 FTE or greater) will receive an email from the Benefits Department to enroll
  • You will receive login information for Aesop, the District's Substitute Placement and Absence Management system
  • You will be provided with a District Email (offered through Google Apps for Education) and District computer network login