Job Vacancies

NOTICE: As of 4/8/2022, this webpage is no longer maintained and may not have the most current information. Please visit our new Human Resources web page.

To view available jobs, please visit our Job Postings site.

The Job Postings site allows you to search for jobs using keywords OR you can search for jobs by category - see category definitions below:

  • Administration - job vacancies for positions such area director, principal, assistant principal, and other school administrators
  • Certified - job vacancies for positions such as teacher, school nurse, school psychologist, etc.
  • Certified Applicant Pools - these are pool-based positions for creating pools of applicants. For more information on this, please refer to our How to Apply page
  • Classified - job vacancies for positions such as clerical, child care, custodial, coaching, facilities, food services, paraprofessional, and technology services
  • Substitute - job vacancies for substitute positions. 

For information on applying for open vacancies, please refer to our How to Apply page.