9000 School Facilities

9000       Goals


9100       Facilities Master Plan

Construction, Modification or Closure of Facilities

9210       Site Acquisition

9211       Approval of Development Projects

9221       Selection of Architect, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Construction Managers and Professional Land Surveyors

9222       Educational Specifications

9241       Project Supervision

9242       Contractor's Assurances

9243       Contractor Surety Bonds

9244       Contractor's Insurance

9245       Acceptance of Completed Project

9250       Naming Facilities, Memorials and Tributes

9260       Closure of Facilities

9260P     Closure of Facilities Procedure

7211       Sale of Real and Personal Property

Operation and Maintenance

9300       Operation and Maintenance of District Facilities

9310       Facility Safety Program

9311       Inspection for Hazards

9312       Hazardous Materials

9320       Security

9320P     Security Procedures

3238       Abuse of District Property

9330       Buildings and Ground Maintenance

9331       Resource Conservation and Sustainability

7210       Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Material

Use of District Property

4320       Use of District Property

4321       Religious Organization Use of Facilities

4322       Use of Kitchen Facilities

4322P     Use of Kitchen Facilities Procedure

4323       Vehicles and Horses Banned from School Property

9410       Use of School Facilities During Disaster