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Boise Parents of English Learners

Who are we?
BPEL is a parent group made up of parents of English learners.

What is our purpose?

The purpose of BPEL is to help parents of English learners access information, discuss relevant topics, and provide input for program improvement. There are several ways parents can participate: building-level meetings, District-level meetings, and by becoming a school representative on the BPEL Advisory Team.

Why is BPEL important?

Title I and Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act require a meaningful, structured plan for involving all parents. BPEL provides an opportunity for parents of English learners to discuss and learn about issues relevant to their students in addition to traditional District opportunities. Parents of English learners are important to the Boise School District and we want to continue to increase the participation of all of our parents, improving access through interpreters and translation to speakers of over sixty languages.

Where do we meet?

BPEL meetings take place at neighborhood school buildings. District meeting locations vary from event to event while BPEL Advisory Team meetings are located at the District Services Center (8169 W. Victory).

When are the meetings?

Check with your school for the times and dates of your building BPEL meetings as well as the District meeting information. Parents should be receiving flyers translated into their native language when possible.

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