Meal Accommodations

USDA school meal programs aim to provide all participating children, regardless of background, with the nutritious meals they need to be healthy. USDA regulations ensure children with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from school meals. Boise Schools Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) department recognizes the importance of ensuring access to meal benefits and is committed to providing reasonable modifications for children with disabilities.
When a meal accommodation is requested, an FNS Registered Dietitian will follow up with the necessary team members (parent/guardian, school nurse, teacher, student, and/or medical provider) to establish a plan based on information provided regarding the medical condition or disability. Per Federal requirements, documentation of need must accompany a request for accommodations. Acceptable documentation can include a 504 plan, IEP instructions, written permission to evaluate for Section 504 or IEP, or a completed Medical Statement Form - English or Spanish. Documentation of need does not need to be update yearly, however the documentation on file should reflect the current needs of the student.

The Medical Statement form explains the impairment and provides guidance on what accommodations are requested. This document must be signed and dated by a recognized medical authority (a licensed physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, naturopathic medical doctor or dentist). The Medical Statement form identifies important information including: the medical and other special dietary condition which restricts the child's diet; the food or foods to be omitted from the child's diet; the food or choice of foods to be substituted if necessary; and contact information. Please note that substitutions provided may be modified based on FNS menus and foods available. 

To request accommodations, contact your student's health services department.
You can also reach out to our office at 208-854-4090 if you need further assistance.