Daily Update - 3/18 Updated FAQ, Spring Break

Daily Update 


Updated FAQ to Address Current Closure

With Spring Break fast approaching, we have prepared an updated Frequently Asked Questions to address concerns raised during the recent closure, as well as what we’re planning for after Spring Break. 

How Can I Help My Child Continue Learning?

Our expectation during this unprecedented school closure is that families don’t feel pressured to take on the additional responsibility of homeschooling their child. Please redirect your energy to the most important tasks at hand -- proper hygiene, social distancing, and supporting one another.

If we extend the school closure beyond spring break (March 23-27, 2020) we will have a plan to provide learning resources via the District’s website (boiseschools.org). Once live, the website will include family resources, as well as ideas for home activities.

Food Pantries:

Families can access food during the week of March 16-20 at the District’s Community Schools food pantries:

March 19: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. -  Whittier, Morley Nelson, Garfield

March 20: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. - Taft, Whitney, Frank Church 

We also encourage families to visit Idaho Food Bank’s Food Assistant Locator for additional information about meals.


Idaho’s school SAT day is being moved back from April 14 to April 28

Closures and Cancelations:

Boise Music Week has been canceled

All High School Academic Assemblies and Proms are currently canceled

Treasure Valley Math & Science Center's April 2nd Orientation Night and the April 4th Applicant Screenings are cancelled on those two dates. Learn more…

Cleaning & Disinfecting:

During the school closure, District custodial staff continue cleaning and disinfecting all schools. 

Contributions & Donations:

We live in an amazing community! Boise Schools has received many calls and emails about helping families. We ask for the community to not drop off food, hygiene or clothing donations directly at schools. The best way to help right now is to make a donation at www.boiseschoolsfoundation.com.


IHSAA Sanctioned Sports & Activities -  Today the IHSAA announced that all sanctioned sports and activities are suspended from March 17th thru April 5th.  Member schools are not to compete in contests, events, or practices during this time.

Junior High & Elementary Sports -  Currently suspended through the end of Spring Break.  Future athletic plans will be communicated when schools reopen.

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