Daily Update - 4/6 - Closure, Chromebooks, Grading

Daily Update


State Board of Education Extends School Closure Through Academic School Year

Today, the Idaho State Board of Education voted to extend the current soft closure of all Idaho K-12 public schools and charters through the end of local schools’ academic year. Boise School District Trustees will meet Thursday to discuss the State Board ruling, as well as the delivery of emergency remote learning and essential services through the end of the District’s academic year on May 22nd, 2020. 

District to Begin Distributing Chromebooks to Students on Wednesday

Students who need a device at home to participate in the District’s emergency remote learning program can pick one up at their neighborhood school beginning Wednesday and continuing through Friday. District staff will verify need, student enrollment and student identification number when checking out the Chromebooks. 

Student need was determined through thousands of calls from teachers to families last week. Teachers will continue to check-in with families this week and principals will communicate individual school schedules on Tuesday. Families with students at multiple schools may pick up their Chromebooks at any of their students’ schools. 

The device roll-out comes as the District prepares to launch its next step in remote teaching and learning next week. A suitable device and internet connection will ensure students are able to access the deeper and richer experience including daily schedules, course-specific lessons, curricular resources and clear expectations for teacher-student interaction. While the curriculum is designed to be accessed electronically, paper copies will still be available for families who are unable to access a device or the internet.

School Closure Grading Plan Approved by Board of Trustees

On Thursday, April 2, 2020, the Boise School District Board of Trustees reviewed and approved an approach to grading that will focus on keeping students engaged and focused on learning and feedback through the school closure. 

The Board agreed that student work completed during the school closure “must not negatively impact a student’s grades” but that “schools may allow student work to count during the closure…only if it will increase a student’s academic standing.”

For questions about student engagement, learning, or grading, please contact your child’s teacher or principal.

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