FAQ 4/16/20 - Emergency Remote Learning


Emergency Remote Learning FAQ


What Can I Expect Learning to Look Like for My Child Now?

Daily, grade-by-grade and course-specific lessons will be available each (Friday?) on our Stay-at-Home Learning website. These lessons have been created to reinforce essential concepts and provide opportunity for growth and enrichment for your students, as well as ensure consistent, meaningful learning and feedback from teachers. 

How Can I Manage My Child’s Stay at Home Learning While Working?

We understand that balancing all of life's demands is challenging for parents during this time. The lessons we have provided are designed to give parents and students maximum flexibility, as well as keep your children engaged and learning. Please work with your child's teacher to determine the best fit for your family's situation. 

If My Child Wants to Improve Their Grade, What Can They Do?

Your child’s teacher can address specific situations, as well as provide additional opportunities.

Will There Be an Opportunity to Retrieve My Child’s Personal Belongings from the School?

If your child has personal items still at their school, you can expect an email from the principal in the next few days with the school’s plan to have students collect items that are in lockers, classrooms, PE lockers, etc. with the understanding that public health guidelines, including guidelines for social distancing, will be followed. 

What is the Plan for Graduations?

The Boise School District Board of Trustees approved video celebrations of seniors in May for all high schools, as well as postponing live, in-person ceremonies until the week of July 20th. Any in-person gatherings in July will require compliance with CDC guidelines in place at the time. 

What About My Child’s Yearbook?

We are working with the publishers on a plan for distribution of school yearbooks and school pictures and will communicate details when they become available.

Will Summer School Be Available?

Online registration for summer school in the Boise School District will open on Monday, April 20, 2020. Following is a brief description of our 2020 summer school programs. 

Traditional Secondary Summer School: We will offer a variety of classes for students entering grades 7- 12. This program has two 4-week long semesters and students can take up to two classes each semester. We will offer online courses that access curriculum delivered through FuelEd  (https://www.fueleducation.com/) and supported by Boise School District teachers who will serve as Teachers of Record and facilitators to the learning.

Alternative Junior High Summer program: We will offer a Junior High Alternative Summer Program titled ‘Pathways to Promotion' for eligible at-risk students in 7th through 8th grades.  Due to current school closures caused by the COVID-19 outbreak our program will be offered online using the online platform FUEL Ed. 

Elementary Summer School: At this time, due to ongoing concerns associated with active cases of COVID-19 in the community, Boise School District does not anticipate offering the K-6 Elementary Summer School programs that are traditionally designed to provide focused intervention to eligible students who are underperforming in core content areas.

Extended School Year Summer School: We are currently planning on offering the 2020 Summer ESY Program from July 6 - July 31, 2020.  This program will be offered based on public health recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.  We plan to offer ESY at three locations: Grace Jordan and Morley Nelson Elementary Schools and South Jr. High. Student qualification for the Extended School Year Program is determined by the District's Special Education Individualized Education Plan team for each child at their regular Boise School District School during the regular school year.

Will Summer Driver Education Be Offered?

The first session of Summer Driver Education has been canceled. A decision as to whether to hold the second session of Summer Driver Education will be made at a later date.  

What Meal Services are Offered?

Boise School District will add suppers at most school feeding sites beginning on Monday, April 27, 2020 and a fresh fruit or vegetable snack beginning Tuesday, April 21st for children who need nutritious meals while schools are closed.

Food & Nutrition Services staff will provide Grab & Go meal services from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m, Monday through Friday at the following locations:

  • Garfield Elementary (1914 S Broadway Ave) - Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

  • Grace Jordan Elementary (6411 W Fairfield Ave) - Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

  • Hawthorne Elementary (2401 W Targee St) - Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

  • Hillcrest Elementary (2045 S Pond St, Boise, ID 83705) - Breakfast & Lunch

  • Horizon Meal Service Bus Route  - Breakfast & Lunch

  • Jefferson & Garfield Meal Service Bus Route - Breakfast & Lunch (Supper at Jefferson Elementary School Stop)

  • Koelsch Elementary (2015 N Curtis Rd.) - Breakfast & Lunch

  • Morley Nelson Elementary (7701 W Northview St) - Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

  • Taft Elementary (3722 N Anderson St) - Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

  • Taft & Koelsch Meal Service Bus Route - Breakfast & Lunch

  • Whitney Elementary (1609 S Owyhee St) - Breakfast, Lunch & Supper 

  • Whittier Elementary (301 N 29th St) - Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

Beginning the week of April 20th, a fresh fruit or vegetable snack (as part of our Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Grant) will also be available at all school site locations listed above (including the bus stops at Horizon and Jefferson Elementary schools). Snacks are only available for children who are present and will be available 3-5 times a week.

What Technology Resources are Available to Help My Child Learn at Home?

The District has distributed more than 8,000 Chromebooks to students and a limited number are still available. District-provided home and alternative location-based internet access will also be available beginning the week of April 20. 

If you have questions about school-related technology (Chromebooks, tablets, apps, software, etc.), please contact the District’s Tech Hotline at 208-854-6670. The Hotline is staffed from 7am - 7pm, M-F and Saturdays 10am - 2pm.

How Can I Help Support Families in Need?

Boise Schools Foundation is working with principals and social workers to identify and address immediate needs for families through our SAFE fund. We ask for the community to not drop off food, hygiene or clothing donations directly at schools. The best way to help right now is to make a donation for SAFE at www.boiseschoolsfoundation.com.

For More Information:

Web: COVID-19 Response

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