Physical Examinations

Physical Examination Policy

The pre-seventh grade physical examination is required for physical education classes in grades 7-12 and athletics in grades 7-8.  According to board policy, physical examinations must be completed after May 1st of the student's 6th grade year.

Students participating in interscholastic athletics (grade 9-12) will be required to have two physical examinations (beginning of 9th and 11th grade years) followed by a yearly interim questionnaire to be filled out by the parents.  The physical examination is completed on an individual basis.  The expense incurred for the physical is the responsibility of the athlete.  The examination is to be conducted by a licensed physician after May 1st of the 8th and 10th grade years.

Students who need an examination are urged to make an appointment during the early summer months.  Physical examination forms are located on the link below.

Athletics Forms