Board Policy: Open Enrollment

Board Policy: Open Enrollment

The Board recognizes the desire of some parents/ guardians to enroll their children in a school which is other than their residence school either within or outside the District. In addition, the Board believes that the needs of neighborhood school students should be considered along with the needs of those requesting the transfer. To the extent possible, the Superintendent or designee will attempt to balance these desires and needs.

  • Transportation

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting students to and from school or to an appropriate, established bus stop within the District’s boundaries.

  • IHSAA Varsity Sports/Activities

  • A student who plans to participate in a varsity sport and/or activity governed by the Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) should review IHSAA rules prior to submitting an open enrollment application form. Certain school transfers will lead to a student being ineligible to participate at the varsity level for one calendar year (365 days).

  • Application/ Approval Process

  • Open enrollment applications will be available and may be submitted at any time throughout the year. However, those applications submitted by the dates indicated in the procedure will receive first consideration for open enrollment in the indicated grade.

  • In situations where openings are limited and applicants have met the prescribed deadlines, the Superintendent or designee may give priority to certain students. Priorities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • 1. Students who were enrolled the prior year under Open Enrollment at the requested school and reside within the District boundary, but outside the attendance area, and whose siblings attend the school.
    • 2. Students residing in the District boundary, but outside the attendance area within 1.5 miles of the school in which they are applying to open enroll.
    • 3. Students residing in the District boundary, but outside the attendance area
    • 4. Students whose parents are employed by the District.
    • 5. Students residing outside of the District boundary, whose sibling(s) attend the school.
    • 6. Students residing outside of the District boundary
  • The Superintendent or designee may deviate from the above priorities in order to take into consideration unique circumstances or extraordinary factors.

  • The priorities listed above are in order of consideration for openings in space-limited schools. Vacancies will be filled until there are more applications than available vacancies in a category, then a transparent lottery may be held for the applications in that category in order to fill remaining vacancies.

  • Applications received after the deadlines will be considered based on space availability at the receiving school.

  • The Superintendent or designee may deny an open enrollment request when such enrollment would have a negative impact on the efficient use of District resources. The Superintendent or designee may set numerical limits defining hardship for schools, grade levels, or programs to provide for appropriate and efficient use of facilities and staff. The student to teacher ratios shall not exceed the class/teacher limits outlined in the Class Size Policy #2331.

  • Revocation of a Transfer

  • The Board reserves the right to remove a transfer student at any time because of unacceptable behavior, false or misleading information on the open enrollment application, lack of academic progress, or poor attendance.

  • The Superintendent, principal, or designee shall inform the parent/ guardian of behavior that jeopardizes the student’s status at the transfer school. If a student’s open enrollment is revoked, the parent/ guardian may request an administrative review by the Council of Directors. The decision of the Council of Directors is final.

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Due process for all students remains the same regardless of what school they attend within the District and regardless of where the student resides once accepted under the open enrollment policy.

  • Preventing or Recruiting Potential Open Enrollment Students

  • District employees will take no action to prohibit or prevent application by its students to attend school in another school district or to attend another school within the District. In no case is an employee of the District to recruit students outside of their attendance area. Discipline for violation of this policy may involve actions up to and including dismissal.