Bus Incident Investigation Results

Public Statement Regarding School Bus Incident Investigation Results
Posted on 12/08/2023
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Public Statement Regarding

School Bus Incident Investigation Results

Friday, December 8, 2023


We have completed our investigation of the November 9th, 2023 incident where a non-student boarded a school bus en route to Boise High and North Junior High. The investigation determined that, while the bus driver, North administrators and Boise Police all performed admirably, there are areas of concern that will be addressed both in the short and long term. 


Route-Specific Recommendations:

  • Overcrowding: The total number of students involved created confusion during the school bus stop as several students entered and then exited the school bus when they realized the bus was full. This will be addressed through reassignment of bus routes to reduce the number of students eligible for the route. All students who currently ride the bus will still receive transportation, however they may be assigned a new route. Communication has been sent to those families directly impacted.
  • Bus Stop: The stop where the non-student boarded is also a stop for Valley Regional Transit buses. There is strong evidence to indicate that the suspect may have believed he was boarding a city bus. We are exploring new stop locations that will improve safety while remaining easily accessible for current students.


System-wide Recommendations:

  • Student Identification: Many parents questioned the practice of allowing students on the school bus without valid identification. This seems like a simple solution and may be necessary, however, it is much more complicated than it appears. Concerns over students being left behind at a bus stop in the mornings, processing of new students, as well as delays to route schedules all may result in students either missing school or being late. 
  • The District is forming a Student Transportation Advisory committee to explore the option of mandatory student identification, as well as additional topics related to bus services.
  • Improved Training for School Bus Drivers: We cannot stress enough that, in this instance, the driver’s actions were exemplary. His training on how to address inappropriate student behavior played a key role in the resolution of the situation. However, this is an opportunity for revision and review of basic operating procedures, as well as implementation of effective, ongoing training. 
  • Student Awareness and Reporting: There were also concerns that students did not report suspicious behavior either prior to the school bus arrival or while on the bus. Students are encouraged to always report suspicious behavior and we will provide student training or education on how to report concerning behavior. 


The investigation was conducted by Boise School District Human Resources Director Jason Hutchison and Durham School Services representatives. The Boise Police Department was also consulted. 


We understand that access to safe, efficient and reliable transportation to and from school plays an important role in the success of our students and families. We are grateful for your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Transportation Supervisor, Lanette Daw at 208-854-4000 or [email protected].




Boise School District Administration