Resource Conservation

The Independent School District of Boise City prides itself on providing its students and their families with the highest quality of education. In today’s environmentally conscious society that includes understanding methods of conservation, of ecology, and protection of our environment.

In 1997, we created the Boise School District Resource Conservation Office to carry out this objective. It began with the goal of reducing energy consumption in all District buildings by 10% and getting 100% participation from students, faculty and staff. However, with new improvements in technology and the creative solutions presented by some of the District’s most forward-thinking schools, we think that we can push our goals even further. Thus we are striving to reduce overall District energy use 15% by 2015.

In order to accomplish this, students and staff must be the driving force behind our plan and must take initiative for change in their own buildings.

The Resource Conservation Office is here to promote, coordinate, and implement the most effective sustainability practices. By harnessing Boise's immense physical and intellectual resources, we are working to bring about positive solutions for today's environmental challenges.