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Frank Church
2-4- US Navy (every Tuesday)
       Ms. Omercevic in AVID 4th (every Tuesday)
2-5- College of Western Idaho (every Wednesday)
       Higher Ed Day!
       Ms. Omercevic in AVID 3rd (every other Wednesday)
2-6- US Army (every Thursday)
2-10,11- FAFSA Days
2-13- Youthworks!  Job Readiness Workshops (every Thursday)

Check the Frank Church College & Career 
website for more information & resources.

Capital 2-3- US Navy (every Monday) 2-4- US Army (every Tuesday) 2-6- University of Idaho 2-13- Higher Ed Day 2-18- Oliver Finley 2-19- College of Western Idaho Placement exams and account set-up 2-20- Student/Parent Information Night (10th & 11th grade), 6:30 PM CHS Auditorium 2-24- Idaho Power Career Talk in Career Center 2-25- Paul Mitchell 2-27- Idaho Department of Corrections Career Talk

Check the Capital High College & Career website for more information & resources.
2-5- Higher Ed Day
2-10- College of Western Idaho
         Oliver Finley Academy

Check the Boise High College & Career website
 for more information & resources.


2-4- College of Western Idaho (every Tuesday)
2-7- Higher Ed Day

Check the Borah High College & Career 
website for more information & resources.

2-4- Boise State University
2-6- College of Western Idaho
2-19- University of Idaho
2-21- College of Western Idaho

Check the Timberline High College & Career 
 for more information & resources.

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