Transcripts & Student Records

Boise School District

Student Transcripts & Records

Photo of StudentsThe Student Records Department maintains the academic files of students who have completed and/or withdrawn from the Boise School District.

Academic files for currently enrolled students are held and maintained at their individual school. Those students should contact their school for instructions on how to order their transcript.

Graduate academic files are held at their school for one year following graduation and then forwarded to the Student Records Department.  Any errors and/or discrepancies found on the transcript during this time should be addressed at your school.

Students are regarded as "Alumni" on August 1st following their graduation.

Alumni students must now request their transcript using an electronic program at: Transcripts will be sent securely to colleges, universities, institutions or individuals of their choice.
The schools are listed in Parchment as follows:
Boise Evening School               Timberline High School
Boise Senior High School          Frank Church High School
Borah Senior High School         *Marian Pritchett Booth Memorial
Capital Senior High School        Mountain Cove Learning Center
*if you graduated 2011 or later from MPBM, use Frank Church High School.
*If you graduated 2010 or earlier from MPBM, call the Student Records Department
   to find out which school you need to use.

Directions to order transcripts electronically