Facts, Questions and Answers

 ·         Facts, Questions and Answers


  1. How often does the Boise School Board hold an election?
    1. The Boise School District Charter (established 2/4/1881, amended 5/10/1955) states that the district conducts an election for members of the Boise Board of Trustees “biennially on the first Tuesday of September in the even numbered years.”


    2. According to the Secretary of State and Ada County Elections, the Boise School District is exempt from the Election Consolidation Law passed in 2010 for Trustee Elections only.


  2. How many Trustees make up the School Board?
    1. The Board of Trustees is made up of seven members (Charter Sec. 2)


  3. What is the term of office?
    1. The regular term of office shall be six year and until the election and qualification of a successor (Charter Sec.2).


  4. What are the duties of a Board Member?
    1. The Goals and Duties are outlined in Policy #1000
      1. Build and maintain a relationship of trust and respect
      2. Expect continuous improvement
      3. Keep students as the first priority
      4. Monitor and provide oversight:
        1. Strategic Planning
        2. Policy Development – Policy #1320
        3. Accountability – Policy #1350
        4. Budget Planning
      5. Hold itself accountable for its governance roles


  5. Who may run for a Board Member seat?
    1. A person must be 18 years of age and a resident taxpayer within the Boundaries of the Boise School District; must take an oath of office to faithfully perform the duties of his office according to law; and have no pecuniary interest, either directly or indirectly, in any contract with the District. (Charter Sec. 3)


  6. What is the time commitment for a Trustee?
    1. The Board of Trustees meets monthly on the second Monday of each month (4-5 hours which includes preparation).  The Board also meets most months for a Board/Cabinet workshop (4-5 hours). Trustees also serve on at least two committees that meet once a month (these require a total of 6-10 hours including preparation).  There may be additional time spent on ceremonial invitations, graduations, and school visitations.  Other meetings may be called when necessary for single topics.


  7. Does a Trustee receive any compensation?
    1. Trustees serve as a volunteer position.  No compensation is provided.  Expenses are covered for conference registration, travel, and accommodations to School Board Conferences. Yearly mileage to and from meetings is also paid to the Trustee once a year.


  8. How does the Trustee position compare with the work of a Senator or Representative?
    1. School districts operate under the laws and regulations passed by both Idaho legislators and the federal Congress.  The administration is headed by a Superintendent appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Board and the Superintendent operate as a team to serve the parents and children within the District.  Trustees of the Boise School District are elected without consideration of political ideology to serve all students in the District. Trustees are not elected to serve zones or areas.


  9. Who serves as the Board President and Vice President?
    1. The Board President and Vice President are elected by the Trustees every two years, which coincides with the Trustee Election. 


  10. Who can vote for school Board members?
    1. A voter must be 18 years of age; have lived in the District for 30 days; and be registered to vote with Ada County.


  11. May a Trustee join a meeting via telephone or Skype?
    1. Yes, however in person attendance is encouraged. The Clerk must be notified by the Trustee ahead of time so that the proper accommodations will be available at the meeting. 


  12. If a school Board member moves to another school district could they retain their Board seat?
    1. No.  A condition for being a Trustee is that they must live within the boundaries of the Boise School District.


  13. Do campaign finance disclosure laws apply to school district elections?
    1. Yes.  Idaho Sunshine Laws were changed in 2015 to include School Board Members.


  14. Are parties or incumbents identified on the Ballot?
    1. No.  The Boise School District Trustees are elected to serve all students in the district.  We do not elect by zones/areas.   Citizens decide to run based upon their willingness to serve in this important volunteer capacity.  We do not identify incumbents or party affiliation on our ballots.  Trustees are nonpartisan.


  15. How do we determine Polling locations?
    1. We use our schools for our polling locations.  The number over the years has varied.  The decision regarding the number of polling locations is made by the Board. 


  16. What do we do to review election results?
    1. Following the election, it is our practice to review the election process and make notes for potential improvement for the next election two years hence. Input is always welcome. Recounts if requested will be considered by the Clerk of the Board under IC 34-2301(2).