Student Advisory Committee

Board of Trustees Student Advisory Committee

Stakeholder engagement is a critical component in the ongoing success of the Boise School District. While parents, staff, businesses and community organizations routinely and productively engage directly with the Board of Trustees of the Boise School District and District Administration, student engagement is heavily focused at the individual school level or through aggregated sources such as surveys, focus groups and the many student organizations that we offer.

The goal of the Boise School District Student Advisory Committee is to increase student engagement with the Board of Trustees and District Administration. The structure required to accomplish this goal must be accessible to students while respecting the school-based organizations and activities that currently provide indirect input to District leadership.

For a complete description of the committee's structure, objectives and selection process, please read the Standards & Practices or the Board Presentation. 

Standards & Practices

Student and Board of Trustees Engagement Presentation

Student Members

(Photos Coming Soon)

Evan Goode, Senior
Charley Beebe, Junior
Addison Montgomery, Junior

Avery Rasmussen, Senior
Scarlet Cromwell, Junior
Macey Hudson, Junior

Jaxon Pierce, Senior
Jennay Edmondson, Senior
Saioa Sarria, Junior

Frank Church
Tierney Aragon, Senior
Zach O'Neill, Senior

Surabhi Kashikar, Senior
Suvan Pilla, Senior,
Garrett Eppich, Junior

Board of Trustee Members

Nancy Gregory
Andy Hawes
Beth Oppenheimer

Student Advisory w-Andy

Student Advisory w-NancyStudent Advisory Kickoff