Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Please find printable resources below for navigating all things graduation including requirements and policy.  Don't hesitate to contact your counselor if you have questions or need clarification.

Graduation Plans

A tool to use at home if you are interested in your counselors' planning process with your student.

4 Year Form

Graduation Requirements
Interested in graduation requirements only?  Revised January 2020, this document details all course requirements including credits, credit limits, and credit alternatives.  Additional graduation requirement are also detailed. 

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Graduation/Instruction Requirements & Policies 
Interested in the overall, big picture?  Find everything you need to know about grading & promotion, attendance & open enrollment, alternative paths for meeting requirements, athletics, graduation, and student records in one document!

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Related Board Policies
For all Board policies, please click on this link.

Graduation Requirements (Board Policy #2640)
The Board is committed to maintaining a rigorous core curriculum and student performance standards designed to promote student achievement. The goal is to prepare all graduates of the District to be contributing members of society. The Board believes that these high school graduation requirements are an important component of its commitment to students.

Early Graduation (Board Policy #2643)
Any high school student who successfully completes the graduation requirements established by the State and the District prior to completing eight semesters of high school work, may petition the Board to graduate early. 

Graduation Ceremony (Board Policy #2644)
Students must complete all graduation requirements prior to the graduation ceremony in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.  The Superintendent or designee may waive this requirement in extenuating circumstances.

Required Course Offerings by School (Board Policy #2112)
Some courses may not be offered at every school due to availability of staff, student enrollment, and/or appropriate facilities.