Graduation Requirements

The Board is committed to maintaining a rigorous core curriculum and student performance standards designed to promote student achievement. The goal is to prepare all graduates of the District to be contributing members of society. The Board believes that the following high school graduation requirements are an important component of its commitment to students.

Graduation Plans

Graduation Requirements (Grades 9 - 12)

The following are the minimum required credits for graduation for the class of 2013 and beyond. These requirements are outlined in Board Policy #2640.

English 8
Speech1 1
Mathematics2 6
Reading1 1
Science3 6
Health4 1
Physical Education 2
U.S. History 95 2
U.S. History 11 2
Economics6 1
American Government 2
Required Electives7 16
Total Graduation Credits: 48

1 1 credit any grade, 9-12 (Debate also satisfies the Speech requirement)

2 Successful completion of Algebra 1, Accelerated Algebra 1, Accelerated Algebra I Integrated, Integrated I - Algebra, Algebra 1 parts 1 and 2 (4 credits), Intermediate Algebra 1, Essentials 1 for Algebra, Essentials 2 for Algebra, or Math in the Workplace 1 and 2; and Geometry, Intermediate Geometry, Accelerated Geometry, Accelerated Geometry Integrated, Accelerated Geometry Part 1, Accelerated Geometry Part II, Integrated II - Geometry, Integrated II - Geometry Part 1, Integrated II - Geometry Part II, Essentials 1 for Geometry, Essentials 2 for Geometry, or Math in the Workplace Geometry is required (6 credits of math must be earned in grades 9-12, including 2 credits earned in the senior year) (Accelerated Algebra 1 and/or Integrated I- Algebra taken prior to grade 9 qualifies for graduation credit and grades are entered on the high school transcript as long as students earn a C or better.)

3 Successful completion of Physical Science 9; Biology, Accelerated Biology, or AP® Biology; and 2 additional credits of science taken in grades 9-12 fulfills this requirement (6 credits must be earned in grades 9-12)

4 Health taken in grades 7, 8, 9 does not fulfill this requirement; 2 credits of Orientation to Health Professions or 2 credits of Orientation to Health Professions/Sports Medicine 1 also fulfills requirement

5 Successful completion of US History 9 is required for graduation and fulfills 2 Humanities credits.

6 Completion of all of the following also meets this requirement: Mktg. 1 Economics, Mktg. 2 Promotions, Mktg. 3 Entrepreneurship/Creating Your Own Business; and Mktg. 4 Business Management/Sports & Entertainment

7 French 1 and Spanish 1 taken in 7th and 8th grades qualify for graduation credit

Credit Maximums

The following are the maximum number of credits to be counted toward graduation in each of these classifications:

  • One athletic fitness credit per semester in grades 10-12 after completion of the Physical Education requirement.
  • Four service credits in grades 9 through 12. Service credits include classroom aides, library aides, and office aides. No more than two such credits may be taken in a given year.

Core of Instruction

Students must pass all 48 credits in order to graduate. Additionally, they must either have a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in the following core classes OR demonstrate satisfactory achievement in area(s) of deficiency.

Course Core Credits
English 8
Speech 1
Social Studies 7
Mathematics 6
Science 6
Health 1
Total: 29

State Board of Education Requirements

Students must pass all three sections of the Idaho Student Achievement Test, 10th Grade version (ISAT 10) or demonstrate proficiency with an alternate mechanism, in accordance with State Board of Education rule and approved by the Board.


  • Core Classes - Classes for which students must demonstrate "academic proficiency".