Quick Facts

We understand that many of you have questions about our plan to reopen schools on August 17th. Our plans are intended to be flexible, as we are in a complicated and rapidly changing situation. Some school specific questions may not be addressed in the following information, so please be sure to ask your school principal for more detailed answers. 

Our plan for reopening in-person school is built on Central District Health’s COVID-19 Guidance for Schools. We realize that Ada County is currently experiencing an almost daily increase in positive cases of COVID-19, and we are monitoring and evaluating the situation closely. We are in regular communication with both CDH and local health care providers.

  1. Our reopening plan allows us to begin school on August 17th in two primary ways: in-person school or enrollment in our online school.  

  2. Registration for Boise Online School is available online until July 31st. Beginning August 3rd, parents wishing to enroll for Boise Online School will need to call their student’s school.

  3. Once school resumes, students are allowed to transfer from online to traditional school and vice versa at natural breaks in the schedule (i.e., end-of-quarter, end of semester). This is to not only ensure minimal disruption to your student’s education, but will also allow us to safely manage class sizes.

  4. Reopening of in-person school will be conducted with respect to CDC guidelines, as well as any federal, state and local health orders. This includes appropriate physical distancing, routine disinfecting, regular handwashing, hand sanitizing, and face mask use (including neck gaiters and face shields) for all students and staff.

  5. There are exemptions to the face mask requirement. Also, students and staff will not necessarily have to wear the masks during the entire day. For example, if proper physical distancing can be maintained, if students are outside, and during mealtimes are all factors that will be considered.

  6. At this time, if we are able to begin in-person school, athletics, music, and physical education will be offered. Physical distancing, disinfecting protocols and mask usage will be different for these options than in a classroom setting. Your student’s school has a complete list of procedures in place for each activity. 

  7. If a staff member or student does test positive for COVID-19, that individual will be required to isolate; however, school and Central District Health officials will work together to determine the risk of infection to fellow classmates and staff. Central District Health could determine that in a positive case, because of the precautions a school has taken, exposure to an entire class was minimal. Positive cases and factors involved with possible exposure will be shared with families. Due to health privacy laws and respect for privacy, we will be unable to release the name of individuals.

  8. If, for any reason, students are required to quarantine or in person school is closed, learning will continue online with the student’s classroom teacher(s). Staff members who test positive and are quarantined will have access to multiple paid leave options. 

  9. If we are required to stop in person learning, students will be transitioned to online learning with their classroom teacher(s). Students enrolled in Boise Online School will continue with their current teachers.

We strongly encourage parents and staff to read the complete 2020 Reopening Pandemic Plan, the FAQ, and your child’s individual school plan. As always, if you have any questions, please contact your school principal or call us at 208-854-4000.