This is much more than the making of art; it is the learning about others, about ourselves, and about our world!

The Boise School District has a discipline-based approach to art curriculum that includes more than the making of art. Art’s role in time, place and culture is considered and students learn to make judgments and form personal opinions about the nature of art, beauty and artistic experiences.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and includes learning in other subject areas, such as social studies, geography, and language arts. It expands students’ imaginations and develops critical-thinking skills.

We draw upon resources in the community to enhance classroom experiences:

  • Volunteers
  • Partners-In-Education
  • Visiting artists, museums, and businesses

Students are guided towards building skills in cooperation and group problem solving, to develop imagination, to interpret and to evaluate what they see.

Students learn about art from different cultures and historical eras.

Students produce artwork and develop skills and knowledge while working with a variety of media and techniques.

Our program includes history, aesthetics, production and criticism/evaluation.


Mission and Philosophy

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