Special Education and Related Service Descriptions

The Boise School District offers a full continuum of classrooms and special education services to eligible students.  Based on the Idaho Special Education Manual 2018 and all subsequent revisions, eligibility for special education is based on meeting specific criteria for one or more disabilities, evidence of the adverse impact the student's disability has on his/her education, and a need for specially designed instruction.  

The Boise School District provides services in the least restrictive environment (LRE) appropriate for each student.  Whenever possible, the student will attend their neighborhood school and be educated in the general education classroom with his or her same aged peers.  Every school in the district has Resource Room(RR) classrooms.  Some students may require more specialized or intensive educational and/or behavioral services and supports throughout much or all of the school day.  These services and supports are available at designated schools within our district.  The IEP team, in collaboration with Special Education Administration, will consider placement in locations other than the student's home school after careful assessment of academic and behavior data and the identification of student needs that require specialized instruction that is not available and cannot be created at the home school.

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