Board of Trustees

Board of TrusteesWhile many have a hand in shaping our school system, the Boise School District Board of Trustees sets the policies that guide the public education of our students. Trustees regularly assess community needs and aspirations to develop an educational program consistent with community resources. Once these policies are made, it is the job of the Superintendent to work with the administrative team and staff to creatively execute them. As the legally designated governing body, the Board retains final authority within the District. The Superintendent is the Board's professional advisor to whom the Board delegates executive responsibility.

Other Board duties include:

  • to act as an advocate for students and public education;
  • to create a District vision, mission and goals;
  • to hire, evaluate, and work as a unified team with the Superintendent;
  • to establish District priorities through approval of the budget;
  • to monitor student achievement and approve changes in the academic program.

All policies established by the Board of Trustees must be consistent with the laws covering public education in the State of Idaho and the United States and must follow guidelines established by the Idaho Legislature and State Board of Education.

For more information please contact:
Sharon Mast, Clerk of the Board