Social Workers

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Boise Schools Social Workers bring unique knowledge and skills to our school system.  Social Workers are instrumental in furthering our District's academic mission, especially where home, school and community collaboration is the key to achieving our mission.  

Services provided by our Social Workers include:
  • Collaborating with school and community resources to assist students in maintaining enrollment and achieving academic success.

  • Acting as a liaison between home, school and community to enhance communication and relationships, and to assist in identifying factors that influence student performance.

  • Supporting and collaborating with parents, administrators, guidance counselors, mental health professionals and other special services to improve student success.

  • Assisting families in understanding and accessing resources available within the school and community.

  • Providing short-term crisis intervention, counseling and student support groups.


Community Resources

Cherise Longoria
Administrator of Student Support Services
[email protected]

Andrea Geraghty, LCSW
School Social Worker
[email protected]

Shelley Rhinehart
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]