About Title I
  • What is Title I?
    • Title I is the largest federal aid program for our nation's schools.
  • How long have schools been given Title I funds?
    • Title I began in 1965 under President Lyndon B. Johnson as part of his “War on Poverty”
  • What is the purpose of Title I?
    •   Title I money was given to districts to help students in schools affected by poverty. It was intended to help close the achievement gap between schools in affluent neighborhood and schools from poor communities.
  • What does Title I money do for a school?
      Title I money can be used in two different ways in a school. In one program, called a Targeted Assisted Program, the money is used to provide support for students targeted as low performing in reading or math. Another type of Title I program is called a school-wide Program. In a school-wide program, Title I money is used to benefit all of the children in a school. A school-wide program is guided by the school-wide program plan and a school leadership team. All of Boise School District's Title I schools operate a school-wide program. Title I money is typically used to provide extra staff, materials or professional development for these schools. The program specifically supports reading and math.
  • How might Title I help my child?
    • A child attending a Title I school in Boise may receive assistance in reading or math from a Title I teacher or assistant. A Title I Assistant is often called a paraprofessional. Paraprofessionals often work in class with teachers and assist teachers with instruction. They might work with small groups of students or one on one with a child. Title I teachers often team teach with classroom teachers or conduct small classes for students with unique learning needs. The Title I program works closely with the classroom teacher and other programs in a school to help all children be successful in reading and math. Children also benefit from training teachers receive or curriculum materials that is paid for with Title I funds.
  • How is a school eligible to receive Title I money?
    • The federal government measures a schools poverty level by the number of students receiving free or reduced lunch. In Boise School District, a school who has more than 50% of the student population on free or reduced lunch qualifies to have a Title I program.
  • How is a child eligible for Title I services?
    • All children attending a Title I school operating as a school-wide program are eligible to receive services from Title I. Thus, in a school-wide program, all students are Title I students and all teachers are Title I teachers. How Title I resources and staff are used in a school-wide program is decided by the school leadership team and guided by the school-wide program plan.
  • What is a schoolwide program plan?
    • Many people in Boise School District refer to this document as the school's “SWP Plan.” This document is the written plan a school submits to the district and state department that explains how the school-wide program will operate. It identifies the major school-wide goals the Title I resources will be targeted towards. A “SWP Plan” also gives direction for professional development and parental involvement. To view a specific school's school-wide program plan please visit their school page.