Additional Resources

Educational Facilities Master Plan

Educational Facilities Master Planning Process

Video of Public Testimony Received By Board on Nov. 14, 2016 in Support of 2017 Bond

Bonds 101: Questions & Answers

2017 Bond Planning Financial Information Presentation

2006 Bond Update:  Promises Made, Promises Kept

History of Bond & Levy Elections in Boise Schoool District Since 1996

During the Educational Facilities Master Planning process data collected and presented by DeJong-Richter also included: 

State of Schools Report
One-page snapshots of each school.

Enrollment Projection Report (see pages 10-13)
Projections were based on live birth data, historical enrollment by school, by grade,  Census data, and building permits

Capacity Report
Capacity was calculated using two separate methodologies. The first being an "as programmed" capacity -- as the school is currently used, and the second being a designed capacity -- how the school was built.

Educational Adequacy Report
Educational Adequacy is strictly about how the facility is able to support current educational needs, not the quality of programs or educational offerings.

Pre-Kindergarten to 12th Grade Space Standards
A comprehensive report of suggested facility space standards.

School Feeder Chart
The current organization of schools, by quadrant.

The Final Facilities Master Plan Report, as presented by DeJong-Richter, includes the following documents:

Final Facilities Master Plan Report with Introduction

Final Facilities Master Plan Report with Appendix