Tips for Transferring Students

Tips for Transferring Schools

Transferring from Non-Accredited Schools

Students entering from non-accredited programs must provide complete records of their academic history. Students may start school after completing tests and other evaluation measures which are administered by the District for placement purposes. The principal or designee may require students who do not take placement tests to wait up to two school days after applying for enrollment to start attending school.

Withdrawing from a District

Withdrawing differs from transferring in that withdrawing a student means that they will no longer being attending a school in that district. If a student is simply transferring schools within a district, notify the student's current school. When you notify the school, you will receive further instructions on what you need to do to complete the transfer.

To withdraw a student:

  • Request to officially withdraw at your student's school

  • Request the school provide copies of:

    • Transcripts

    • Test Scores

    • Immunization Records

    • Birth Certificate

Be sure to note the name, address, and fax number of the school you are withdrawing your student from. This information is needed to assist in registration in other districts/ states. If you are unsure of this information, the secretary at your child's school can provide you with a copy of the information upon request to withdraw your student.