Who Do I Call?

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Team

Stacey Roth, Programs Administrator
Anne Moe, Administrative Assistant

Enrollment, Interpreters, Language Assessment & EL Monitoring
Diane Goicoechea-Price, Intake, Enrollment & Interpreters
Anita Parpart, 
Language Assessment, Data & EL Monitoring

EL & Content Teacher Support, PD
Jennifer Biery, Elementary Dual & Non-Magnet Borah & Capital Quadrants
Molly Fuentealba, Elementary EL & Non-Magnet Boise & Timberline Quadrants 
Stephanie Keeney, Lesson Planning, Delivery & Grading for Content Teachers of ELs
Jeanne McCombs, Secondary Dual, Secondary EL
Tori Moroney,  Elementary & Secondary Co-Teaching