Make Up & Re-Assessment/Late Work POLICY 2621

Make Up and Re-Assessments/Late Work POLICY 2621

Changes include:

  1. Make-up work for absences:  Student will be allowed two days for each day of absence to make up new material. It is recommended that make up work be completed within 6 school days from the date of return after the absence unless exceptions are made by the principal designee. (at full credit)

  2. Re-Assessments: Students shall be permitted to re-assess or revise any assessment/assignment in which he/she has not demonstrated competency, with the exception of an EOC, within 5 school days that the grade was received, or no later than 10 days of the date of the test/assignment.  The higher score earned on either test/assignment will be recorded in the grade book, and the lower score removed (not averaged).  In addition, teachers are encouraged to let students utilize re-assessments and revisions to improve letter grades to show understanding of content.  

  3. Late Work-Students shall be permitted to turn in late work two weeks prior to the end of the quarter (unless extensions are made by the principal/designee) as the purpose of the homework is to reflect student learning. This policy is meant to stress the importance of turning in work in a timely manner while simultaneously providing students the opportunity to learn at a different rate.