Valley Visions

Valley Visions is the Boise School District's art and literacy showcase magazine for high school students. Works in the magazine are created and chosen by students to highlight the talent of young people and give them a platform to display this work to the community as well as the experience of producing a quality publication.

For more information on the Valley Visions contest, or to submit your entry, click here.

2024 Valley Visions Published Writers and Artists

2024 Valley Visions



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"Valley Visions was such an important part of my high school career, and ultimately the path I would like to take in life. Sophomore year I entered into Valley Visions, and although I didn't make it into that year's edition, I learned to be more confident in my writing abilities. Junior and senior year, I helped judge submitted pieces to see what would make it into the magazine. Boise School District students have so much talent, reading everything was overwhelming in the best possible way. Pieces made me tear up with their beautiful vulnerability and laugh 'til I cried with their original hilarity! This year I'm beginning college to become and English teacher, focusing on literature and creative writing. Having been a part of Valley Visions has only made me want to pursue that passion more."

Shelley Toussau 
Capital High Grad, Class of 2019