3/31 - Stay-At-Home Learning FAQ

COVID-19 Limited Operations


What Can I Expect From My Child’s School During the Closure?

This week, you can expect a phone call from your student’s teacher. Be aware the call may be from a non-District telephone number. Our teachers will call to see how families are doing, as well as ask if you have access to the internet and a computer, or electronic device, other than a smartphone. The information our staff gathers will be critical in our efforts to launch course-based and grade-level online curriculum in mid-April.

As we move through the closure, teachers and staff will also work on establishing safe and secure options for students and parents to ask questions and receive feedback on lessons.

Can I Call the School/Teacher/Principal?

Yes, just be aware every school will have limited hours of operation. Please refer to the attached sheet for your school’s phone number and principal’s email information. You can email your student’s teacher(s) by emailing them using the format [email protected] or visit the schools’ website and locate the teacher in the staff directory.

What Can I Do to Ensure My Child is Learning During the Closure?

The goal for the next 10 days is to assist students/families as they develop a structure and routine to begin learning from home. We have provided online learning resources and activities through our new Learning & Essential Services website

The website includes 10 school days worth of grade-level materials designed to help students maintain and develop their skills in core subjects. Printed learning packets, good for 10 days of activities for those without internet access or a device at home, will be available for pick-up at our Grab-And-Go Meal Sites.

Will Internet Access and/or Suitable Devices for Online Learning Be Provided?

Yes. Teachers are reaching out to families and students this week to determine needs. We will have a plan that ensures all students can access learning.  Multiple strategies for students to access their learning in Phase II, of our online learning strategy, will be provided to families.   

How Often Will the Materials Be Updated?

All materials, both online and printed, contain 10 school days worth of learning activities. 

However, if possible, we encourage you to reference our Learning & Essential Services webpage and our COVID-19 Response webpage for updated District-wide information, as well as links to additional resources for students and families.

Are the Printed Materials the Same As the Online Resources?


Is My Student Expected to Turn in the Activities/Assignments?

During the first 10 days, assignments do not have to be turned in. We do recommend that you work with your child’s teacher(s) to develop a regular method for assistance and feedback.

Will the Activities/Assignments Currently Included Online or in Paper be Graded?


When Can We Expect to Have More Comprehensive Educational Resources?

Our teachers and curriculum teams are working on developing grade-by-grade and course-level work, as well as more interactive platforms to deliver online instruction. We expect it to be ready in mid-April.

What is the Plan for Advanced Placement?

College Board has limited materials for all Advanced Placement tests to instruction prior to March 1st. They have also provided video review lessons for students to prepare for the tests. AP Teachers will assist students in accessing these materials. You can read the full release on AP’s website.  

Is There Someone I Can Talk to About Specific Classes?

Please contact your classroom teacher. He or she will be able to help you and your student work through any course-specific questions. You can email your student’s teacher(s) by emailing them using the following format [email protected] or visit the schools’ website and locating the teacher in the staff directory.

Whom Do I Call About Special Education Services for my Child?

Special Education teachers are reaching out to parents this week. You can email your student’s teacher(s) by emailing them using the format [email protected] or visit the schools’ website and locate the teacher in the staff directory.

How Do I Update My Contact Information?

Please contact your school principal.

Will We Be Able to Retrieve Essential Personal Items from the School?

Yes. We are currently working on an option for students to get essential items such as medications from our schools. Your principal will have school-specific information by Monday, April 6, 2020.

Are Meals Available for Students?

Free grab-and-go meals are available for students in need. 

Is Childcare Available?

For parents who must work & are in high-demand jobs such as first responders & healthcare, limited space is available this Thur. & Fri. for District K - 6 students at Whittier Boise Parks & Rec Community Center. Contact Emily Kovarik, Boise Parks & Rec 208-608-7687. 

Beginning Monday, April 6, 2020 in addition to the Boys & Girls Club’s five current sites, children of healthcare workers, first responders, and essential personnel will now have two additional Boise sites that will operate from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m Monday through Friday:

Hawthorne Elementary School

2401 West Targee Street

Boise, ID 83705

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday - Friday

Koelsch Elementary School

2015 North Curtis Road

Boise, ID 83706

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday - Friday

All-day child care services will cost just $6 per day.  Parents interested in enrolling their children up at the new Club sites may contact:

How do I Volunteer or Donate?

To donate or volunteer, please contact the Boise Schools Education Foundation at 208-854-4065 for more information.

When Will the Schools Open Again?

The Idaho State Board of Education has directed local school districts to remain closed through April 20th, 2020. If the closure is extended, we will notify parents as soon as possible.

Will My Senior Graduate?

All seniors on track to graduate this spring will graduate. The Idaho State Board of Education has waived a number of graduation requirements, and we are working to ensure seniors will graduate and be prepared for college and career.

Have Graduation Ceremonies Been Canceled?

Not at this time. 

What Has Been Canceled?

All Athletics & Activities have been canceled until further notice.

All Junior High Music Festivals have been canceled.

All Boise School District playground equipment is closed until further notice.

Boise Music Week has been canceled

Drivers Education

All Boise School District musical and theater performances are currently canceled

All High School Academic Assemblies and Proms are currently canceled

AVID Senior Celebration has been canceled

Treasure Valley Math & Science Center's April 2nd Orientation Night and the April 4th Applicant Screenings are cancelled on those two dates. Learn more…

Work-based Learning: Apprenticeships and Internships

Is There Any Information About Summer Programs? Driver Ed, Summer School?

We have not made any decision regarding summer programs.


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