How will I know that I got into a driver education class?

Your name will be listed on the confirmation page.

How do I know if a class has room?

You can check the confirmation page for availability, also when you sign up for a class it will only let you register if there are spots available.

Do I have to attend the Boise School District to enroll in driver education?

No, anyone can take our classes up to age 21.

Can I make registration payments?

No, payment in full is required at the time of registration.

Do you charge extra if I don’t attend the Boise School District?

No, the cost is the same.

Do I have to attend driver education classes only at my home school?

You can attend any location.

How many days of driver education can I miss?

You are required to be in attendance every day. If a class is missed there is a $35.00 per hour make up fee.

How old do I need to be?

You need to be 14 ½  to obtain your permit.

Can I drive with my parents on the permit?

No, not until you have completed and passed the course.

How much does the permit cost:

$26.50 paid directly to the DMV.

Can I take the class before I get my permit?

No, a permit is required.

How do I get a permit?

Purchase your permit at the Ada County Driver’s License Department at 400 N Benjamin Lane. This requires an online appointment and the following items:

  • Prove date of birth with an original certified birth certificate.
  • Photo identification, such as student activity card/military ID/passport.
  • School VOC (Verification of Compliance) letter to show enrollment. This must be picked up from the administrative assistant at your child's school. The Ada County License Department will only accept a written verification on a school letterhead with the principal's signature or designee, and the school seal or stamp affixed. Home schooled students will require an affidavit from the DMV which must be signed by their parents.
  • Social Security Card
  • Legal parent/guardian and student must go to the DMV together to sign for the permit.
  • $26.50 paid directly to the DMV.
  • Take and pass a vision test at the DMV.
  • Tell the staff at the Ada County License Department to send the permit to Boise School District.

Do I need to provide my own car?

No, the district has vehicles for the program.

Do I need insurance during the class?

No, the district has insurance while you are in our cars. 

Is there transportation available from my school to driver ed classes?

No, you are responsible for getting to the class.