Instructor Spotlight

CE instructorRandall Dorvin joined Edward Jones in 2017, after serving eight years in the United States Marine Corps in finance services.  He spent another almost two decades working in higher education as both an adjunct instructor and as an NCAA Collegiate Coach, at various institutions of higher learning. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of New Orleans and his graduate degree from the University of Oregon. He and his wife live in central Meridian less than one mile from both his office and their church. They are committed to being invested, contributing members to their community and the Treasure Valley.
Randall has been a curious person for as long as he can remember. He asks those adults around him the infamous question "why" often, and enjoys learning how just about anything works, functions, or operates. As a result, Randall has invested the better part of the past 30 years teaching and coaching in various capacities on a full-time basis, both vocationally and recreationally. 
Because of the paramount importance of long-term financial planning in today’s economy, he hopes to help educate and assist as many people as possible how the world of investing works, in order to take control of one's personal financial goals.  More importantly, he shares how to be successful in achieving what is most important to them and those closest to them. As a financial advisor, he helps others put their most valued financial goals into a comprehensive and easy to understand long-term perspective.
Randall makes a commitment to anyone he teaches or visits with, to remain accessible and available throughout the arc of their lives to ensure they have the information and guidance they seek to achieve what is most valuable to them.
Look for the many classes Randall is offering this session! They are listed under the “Personal Finance” section in the catalog, such as