Instructor Spotlight

David Lupien

David Lupien has been an avid fly fisherman for thirty six years whose passion for
outdoor adventure has taken him to Alaska, Africa, the Amazon, the Caribbean, and
elsewhere. Closer to home, he has been fishing the Owyhee, the South Fork of the
Boise, and Silver Creek since the mid-1990s. He combines his extensive experience on
the water with his engaging teaching style (honed over a twenty year career as a
teacher at Boise State University) to offer new anglers an in-depth introduction to what it
takes to successfully catch fish on a fly rod. Topics include selecting the right gear,
reading the water, choosing the right fly, casting and presentation, and other strategies
to enhance your understanding of both the art and the science of fly-fishing.

David grew up in an unnamed state to the west of Idaho, but has been living in the
Treasure Valley for the last 26 years. Growing up, he mainly targeted bass and
saltwater fish, but was introduced to trout at a young age on the annual backpacking trip
with dad and brother to Yosemite. He took an early interest in fly-fishing as a teenager,
but with no fly fishermen in the family, and decades before the internet, he relied on
magazines to learn the basics. Once he moved to Idaho, trout became his favorite
quarry, and he is thrilled to live in some of the best trout country in the world. 

In addition to fly-fishing, he also enjoys taking his wife and kids out on the boat to chase
bass, crappie, and kokanee salmon.  Besides fishing, David is an avid bird hunter, artist,
woodworker, and musician.  He complains about having too many hobbies and not
enough time to pursue them all!  For the last 14 years he has worked as an insurance
agent and no longer teaches as a career.  This allows him to teach for the pure joy of
helping others learn awesome things like fly-fishing! 

We are clearly lucky to have David Lupien volunteer his time and boundless
knowledge with Community Ed!  This FALL, he is teaching FOOLING FISH WITH
. Hurry! His class is one of the first to fill up!