Announcing Boise Online Learning Program Option

Fall Reopening: Announcing Boise Online Learning Program Option
Posted on 07/01/2020
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Boise Schools Online Learning Program
June 29, 2020

Dear Boise School District Parent/Guardian,

Every student deserves access to a great education, delivered by a highly-qualified Boise School District teacher, regardless of whether the teaching and learning occur in a traditional classroom or online. To that end, we are building an online program to be launched this Fall that not only meets our standards but our parents’ and students’ expectations, as well. 

Whether our schools are open, we have students who are unable to attend their traditional school, or we find ourselves in a COVID-19 closure similar to what we experienced this spring, we will be prepared to support, care for, and, most importantly, teach our students. 

As the results from our parent survey clearly indicate, our priorities must include creating an online culture that reflects the level of student engagement, as closely as possible, to a traditional school environment, while providing the flexibility parents and students need to thrive online.

Online Learning Plan for Fall of 2020
Boise Schools will provide an online learning program for grades K-12 to deliver grade level instruction in an online format for students who are unable to attend traditional in-person school. In July, students will enroll in the Boise Online School, a stand-alone school which will provide instruction in all core content areas and basic electives and will be presented in an online format. The District will also implement a one-to-one technology device strategy in August to fully support online learning.

The online school cannot fully replicate the traditional Boise School District school offerings. However, it will be held to the same level of quality instruction and student learning and engagement. This online school will progress students towards meeting graduation requirements until the student is able to safely attend their neighborhood school in person. Our online courses will be taught by Boise School District certified (and highly qualified) teachers, built around Idaho’s content standards and Boise School District’s curriculum plans. Online teachers will follow all Boise School District policies including grading policies.

Our teachers will be fully trained to deliver our curriculum in an online setting. Our families can expect that the level of student-teacher interaction, quality of student engagement, and the depth of teacher feedback to students will be meaningful and rigorous for our students who cannot access traditional school.

Of course, some elements and courses may look differently online. Your school counselor can help you ensure that your child’s needs and interests are met as well as possible. 

Registration for the 
Boise Online School will open July 13, 2020 and run through July 31, 2020. Further information about online registration will be announced in the near future.
Thank you so much for your continued support of the Boise School District as we plan to provide an excellent and safe learning environment for all students. 
For more information, including details regarding our Pandemic Operations Plan for Fall 2020 Reopening, please visit our Boise Online Learning webpage our FAQ , or contact the district office at 208-854-4000. 

Boise School District Administration