Borah Student Attends Apple Summer Camp

Borah Student Attends Apple Summer Camp
Posted on 08/31/2020
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Borah High Student Learns Hardware Engineering During Apple Summer Camp

Borah High School 10th grade student Alexandre Bakarani had the opportunity to participate in Apple’s Engineering Technology Summer Camp, where he spent the summer learning the fundamentals of hardware engineering. After a fun and educational summer, Alexandre and his family credit Borah High Computer Science Teacher Sam Stafford for providing the support and encouragement to apply for the camp.

“In January, Alexandre came home saying there was an application available to try to get into Apple’s Engineering Technology Camp during the summer,” said Kim Bakarani, Alexandre’s Mom. “We both laughed and joked that it was probably better odds of winning the lottery!” 

Despite feeling his application was a long-shot, Alexandre applied and — to his family’s surprise — was accepted. They only chose 25 students nationwide and he was the only one from Idaho! "It was like a miracle as I had no idea he had even applied,” exclaimed Kim.


The Bakaranis were feeling rightfully proud, but then the pandemic hit. Everything came to a crashing halt, leaving Alexandre and his family worried the camp would be canceled. “Alexandre, being who he is, said, ‘well, now I can get a summer job…’ (which he did),” explained Kim.

But despite not being able to attend the camp in Cupertino, California, Apple rebounded by offering the camp in a virtual setting. “They sent him countless boxes with absolutely everything he may possibly need,” said Kim. “It was an organizational feat like I couldn’t imagine.”

For the entire month of July, Alexandre worked with various Apple engineers from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m Monday through Friday.  Students broke into groups of five and were allowed to choose a problem to solve. On the last day of camp, Alexandre and his group gave an eight minute presentation of their solution to an audience of Apple engineers and executives.


Alexandre worked with Apple engineers on a wide variety of research areas, including electrical and mechanical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, audio, product design, CAD, packaging and 3D printing. 

Spending quality time in each of these areas gave him new insights for future career paths. He is really happy with the knowledge he gained about circuitry and micro controllers to further explore a targeting program he’d like to create.

“It was a great privilege being able to work with all the Apple engineers on a wide range of technical and creative topics. I will make sure to put all the insights I gained from this camp to good use,” said Alexandre.

Looking back on the experience, Ms. Bakarani is grateful for the opportunity made possible thanks to Apple and Mr. Stafford.

“I have to give a huge round of applause to Mr. Stafford for inspiring Alexandre and helping to send him on this path and to Apple for an experience that changed the trajectory of his life,” said Kim. “It will be very exciting to see where this leads!! I will forever be grateful.”